As seen in the video, we really do care about becoming B Corp certified. At the Wholy Greens HQ, we do everything with our two customers in mind – you and planet earth. Becoming an accredited B Corp strengthens our mission to continue serving you right. So are we happy with that? Heck yea!

B Corp certifications are awarded to for-profit companies that make significant social and environmental impact. This means that B Corporations meet high standards of verified performance and transparency on factors such as employee benefits and sustainable supply chain practices.

As delivering positive impact could mean anything, we want to take this opportunity to tell you what we actually do:

We say YES to veggie waste 

  • We love veggie waste, why? Because there is absolutely nothing bad about it, in fact it’s just nature way of showing diversity! We use leftover vegetables in our products. Whilst striving for zero waste, we prioritise saving the vitamins and minerals in veggies because they are just too valuable. After all the hard work and resources put into growing these imperfect vegetables, it is only just if they end up serving the planet and its occupants.

Everyone is a superhero

  • We work with people who have a distance to the labour market and educate them to become pasta makers, vegetable processors or give our end consumer the perfect unpacking experience. 

Planet friendly farmers

  • We collect vegetables that would’ve ended up as waste. We also work closely with farmers so we can make sure they treat the planet as their best friend and make their business more sustainable.

Healthy food

  • It is our mission to make healthy eating tastier and easier. We are here to give pasta a healthy twist, not to replace our beloved vegetables. We noticed that people need just a bit of nudging to eat their veggies and we are here to help. Believe us, we wish this wasn’t a problem in the first place, and we strongly hope that we will be unnecessary by 2050. So cheers to that! 

We are happy to be where we are now, but don’t think for a second that we will rest. This is just the beginning of our journey. Thanks for your support so far. 

We want to give a big shoutout to our fellow entrepreneurs and companies because we know that making a significant impact attracts a lot of spectators and, unfortunately, critics. Here’s a piece of advice – just cover your ears with some Pumpkin Zucca and keep doing what you do best!

If you need support on your impact journey, give us a call, the pasta is on us! We would love to help empower your daily wins – no matter how big or small. Because together, it will change the world.