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Smooth Spinach Campanelle

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Campanelle is a true pasta delicacy, with its bellflower shape with ruffed edges. The Italians still argue over where it came from: Tuscany and Florence both claim its invention. We’ve made them with spinach, pairing exceptional flavour with perfect bite and nutritional bliss. Campanelle really works its magic when combined with cheese or cream sauces, ragu, or a pesto salad.

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Ingrediënten (NL): Groenten (51,4%) (Spinazie (31,1%), Wortel), Spelt (gluten), Plantain, Tarwe proteïne (gluten), Konjac vezel.

Ingredients (EN): Vegetables (51,4%) (Spinach (31,1%), Carrot), Spelt (gluten), Plantain, wheat protein (gluten), Konjac fibre.

Ingrédients (FR): légumes (51,4%) (épinards (31,1%), carottes), épeautre (gluten), Plantain, protéines de blé (gluten), fibre de konjac.

Zutaten (DE): Gemüse (51,4%) (Spinat (31,1%), Karotte), Dinkel (gluten), Plantain, Weizenprotein (gluten), Konjak-Faser.


Nutrients per 100 gr

Energy 1.522kj / 359kcal
Fat 2,2g
of which saturated 0,5g
Carbohydrates 65,4g
of which sugar 2,7g
Protein 17,2g
Salt 0,11g


Cooking Info:

Bring water to a boil. Add the VeggiPasta when the water is boiling (add some salt to taste). Boil for 6 MINUTES.

Making a salad? Give the pasta a cold shower.